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Applying Psychology to Sport - Barbara Woods, Rob McIlveen    Order it now

Coaching for Performance - John Whitmore    Order it now      Performance Consultants

Coaches Guide to Sport Psychology  Rainer Martens         Order it now

Doing Sport Psychology  Mark B. Andersen       Order it now

Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology - Robert Weinburg, David Gould    Order it now

Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect - Bob Rotella, Bob Cullen, Tom Kite    Order it now

I strongly suggest that you do not buy this book.  It's too common-sensical, it's too obvious, it's too good for you.  How am I supposed to continue my domination of world putting if you read this?  Gamesmanship has no place in tournament play I whole-heartedly agree, in all other scenarios it's perfectly acceptable.  Indeed it should be encouraged, the success of Planet Hastings Crazy Golf Club is down to hours of practice with fellow members in full-blown mayhem - what better way to test your pre-shot routine, your target fixing and your play for the moment attitude?  Sadly Doctor Bob doesn't highlight this, but in time............

Golf Is a Game of Confidence - Robert Rotella    Order it now

How to Win at Golf: Without Actually Playing Well - Jon Winokur  Order it now

A noble attempt with plenty of apposite quotes from Stephen Potter and others.  Some excellent anecdotal evidence from the US tour, still a fairway to go, but definitely worth a read.

In Pursuit of Excellence: How to Win in Sports and Life Through Mental Training - Terry Orlick   Order it now

Mind Games, Mental Fitness for Tennis - Jason and John Whitmore

Element Children's Books ISBN 1-901881-70-9

Written by one of the foremost management/sport consultants in the UK and his son.  Essential reading pitched at a level suitable for both adult and child.  Kick-start your offspring's sports career now.

Mind over Golf, How to Achieve Peak Performance - Alan Fine

If golf is indeed 80% mental, why haven't you read this book?  A follower of Timothy Gallwey who extends the bounds and by his own admission is still learning.  And if you're not learning then you're not really playing.  There's a lesson in every round if you know where to look for it and this is where you should start the class.

NLP and Sports  - Joseph O'Connor      Order it now

Nutters With Putters - Ace Man & Big Top.

Takes Potter into the 21st Century!  A must for any serious sportsman!!

Psyched to Win  - Robert M. Nideffer     Order it now

Smart Goals

Sport Progressions: A Primer for Teachers and Coaches in Sequencing Sport Skills Roy A. Clumpner Paperback 208 pages (December 1, 2002) Publisher: Human Kinetics Europe Ltd  ISBN: 0736033858  Chapter 4. Golf with a bit on putting and Miniature Golf.

Sport Psychology - Matt Jarvis    Order it now

Sport Hypnosis - Donald R. Liggett    Order it now

Sporting Body, Sporting Mind - John Syer, Christopher Connolly      Order it now

Sporting Excellence: Optimising Sports Performance Using NLP - Ted Garratt    Order it now

The Art of War - Sun Tzu, Denma Translation Group (Translator)        Order it now

The Bluffer's Guide to Golf: Bluff Your Way in Golf - Peter Gammond    Order it now

As good a place to start as any if you're new to the game of golf, sadly gets confused about the difference between cheating and gamesmanship.

The Book of Five Rings - Miyamoto Musashi, Thomas Cleary (Translator)      Order it now

The Complete Golf Gamesmanship aka Golfmanship - Stephen Potter

Definitely worth the hassle of trying to get hold of a copy.  All the attempts to update the gambits in later books by other authors don't quite hit the green as it were.  The absolute master.

The Inner game of Golf - Timothy Gallwey     Order it now

Few books are essential in any sport, this however is.  The lessons learnt are applicable to all sports.  Failure to read this book will mean losing any competitive advantage you may think you have to anyone who has bothered to run an eye over it.  The guru of coaching takes you through the essentials of mental preparation and empowers the reader to progress at their own pace.  The book is full of useful exercises, some of which are bound to lead to you being labelled, eccentric at the very least.  However, they work and that's all you need to know.  As you DA-DA-DA and hum around the course, watch the shots fall off.  Be prepared for something more when you apply these techniques to other spheres of life.  It's a paradigm shift in learning or rather a return to the way we learned as a small child.

The Mental Game Plan: Getting Psyched for Sport  Stephen J. Bull, John G. Albinson, Christopher J. Shambrook       Order it now

The Oxford Dictionary of Sports Science and Medicine - Michael Kent       Order it now

The Unfettered Mind - Takuan Soho, William Scott Wilson (Translator)       Order it now

Unlimited Sports Success The Power Of Hypnosis - Stephen Mycoe          Order it now


Publications in Sport Psychology

Stone et al (1999) Stereotype Threat Effects on Black and White Athletic Performance 

Thanks to Professor Bo Molander of Umea University, Department of Psychology for the following list:

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