Mini golf news 2002

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Planet Hastings Crazy Golf Club win British National Club Championship (details)

Latest BMGA top 10 rankings [End 2002] (details)

New course being built in Hastings (details)

'Par for the Course' Exhibition by Peter Bellars

Planet Hastings CGC Open 1.John McIver  2.Tim Davies  3.Michael Webb (details)

British Open 1. Heinz Weber 2. Thomas Zeininger 3. Philip Busche 4. Antonio Dibernardi (details)

Ted McIver retains British Championship, 2nd Tim Davies, 3rd Dan Davies

Vicky Sweeting retains womens title

Graham Southern wins London Invitational Tournament (details)

The British experience in Prague, EC 2002 which also doubled as the

English Open 2002 1. Michael Webb  2. Peter Parr  3.Tim Davies (details)

European Championships 2002

Womens team 1. Germany  2. Austria  3. Sweden

Womens Individual 1. Karin Wiklund 2. Elisabeth Gruber 3. Gaby Rahmlow

Mens team 1. Germany  2. Sweden  3. Austria

Mens Individual 1. Michel Rhyn 2. Marco Balzer 3. Miroslav Stoparic (details)

London Minigolf Club formed (details)

British Junior Minigolf Championships 1.Robert Smith 2.Henry Oakes 3.Sam Perkins (details)

BMGA  British squad for the European minigolf Championships in Prague  (details)

Davies defeats McIver in the Hastings Invitational final (details)

USPMGA Skins Elmer Lawson & Sims Cooper (5) share honours, Jon Drexler (4)

British Mini Golf Association Players Championship in aid of Sport Relief, 

1.Lionel Bender  2.Tim Davies  3.Michael Webb (details)

Order Tilting at Windmills by Andy Miller.  Be prepared for a no holds barred look at sport in the UK by the Most improved Player of the Year 2000.  Miniature Golf has finally come of age in this blockbuster from the Penguin books stable.  No sports celebrity is safe from the unforgiving pen of the Master!  Read it or just plead ignorance for the rest of your life.  Listen to a BBC interview with Andy here.

National Open  1.Jonathan Drexler  2.Ted McIver  3.Tim Davies (details)

Nations Cup 1. Sweden II  2. Austria III  3. Czech Republic I (details) (pictures)

British Masters 1.Ted McIver  2.Michael Webb  3.Tim Davies (details)

BMGA British Open press release

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