Miniature Golf and Crazy Golf ephemera


Reyn Spooner American Classics in 100% spun rayon!





Connecticut Golf Land  Hickory Hills  Magic Carpet Golf Mulligan Sports Plus
Garden Golf Golf and Fun Golfland Arcade Family Fun Centres Golfland Arcade Family Fun Centers Golfland Arcade Family Fun Centers
Sportime USA Wonderland Golf & Games, Spokane Wonderland Golf & Games, Spokane Aguadilla Bowling Center and Minigolf, Puerto Rico Aguadilla Bowling Center and Minigolf, Puerto Rico
Pirates Golf, Belfast Pirates Cove, Kissimmee, FL

Miniature Golf Garden Showcase Free Game wooden token

Coconut Creek Free game Wooden Nickel, Panama City Beach, FLA. Skooters Family Entertainment Center


Putt-Putt ® Golf & Games tokens used in arcade machines





Mount Asia Fantasy Golf and Games

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Free game passes

Free pass to Cecil Luna's Bridgeport.  Good for 2 people any Tuesday night except holidays.

Added attractions  Don't go over the bridge  Go UNDER the bridge   HA 8-9815  5612 S. Lamar   (1961)

Obverse:  Free Pass  You may not win a pass while playing on this pass.  Good for one free game on any one of the over 250 Putt-Putts in America

Putt-Putt Golf courses

Location Dallas, Texas

Signed...Weldon George      C524287

Weldon, Williams & Lick, Ft. Smith, Ark.

Reverse:  Join Professional Putters Association

America's Fastest Growing Sport

Ask Your Pro               (1961)

Free Pass

Shady Brook Miniature Golf Course 

3813 West Jefferson

One Game

When accompanied by One Paid Player   (Signed)           (1961)


Ink Blotters

King Tut takes so many strokes in a sand trap that the official scorer gets writer's cramp - (then he ran home to his mummy)

39183  1929




Richard the Lion Hearted quails before the water hazard

39189  1929


"Paris your judgment was all wet on that last shot" called down Helen from the walls of Troy, whereupon the great lover got so mad that he blew a 12 inch putt and lost the match to Menelaus

39186  1929


The 13th Labor of Hercules - to play a dead stymie on the 9th green of the Elysian Fields course

39185  1929





Please send me any pictures or descriptions of miniature golf ephemera and I'll publish them here.  I'd be grateful for any more information on dates.


Match books

1920's Union Match Company.


Ash tray

11.5cm by 9cm. Remembrance, Brown & Bigelow, St Paul Minn. USA

Fun For Everyone  UTOPIA MINIATURE GOLF  KNOXVILLE, IOWA  East on Hiway 60


Creamer Tops

Elsa (Switzerland) Sold on


Click on above image for larger picture of 20 Elsa creamer tops featuring minigolf.



Jon Drexler, Geek a Week

MORGIA: Golfingscene of the Rolling Stones with putters on a green, Mick Jagger sitting in foreground. Colour photo 1987  See

Dutch 'Story Stars' Walter Capiau playing crazy golf.  Sold on






Badges and Pins

Adventure Golf, Minigolf & Exploration Co Modul Golf Mini Golf, Verberie, Oise Golf miniature Cabourg Esnouveaux Parc de Loisirs
Chrysler National Putting Championship Moulin de Manre Minigolf Moulin de Manre Minigolf Moulin de Manre Minigolf Mini golf du Barry
Golf Club de Vals des Bains Le Grau du Roi Adventure Golf Le Grau du Roi Adventure Golf Grau du Roi Adventure Mini Golf Minigolf Club Eichholz
Mini Golf du Mail Mini Golf du Mail Florida Masters 1992 Team USA 2001 Mini Golf San Miguel
World Championships 2001, Vaasa, Finland Le Castellas Mini Golf Singapore Miniature Golf Association Mini Golf La Baule les Pins World Crazy Golf Championship 2006
Brighton Open 2006 Kayserberg Mini Golf Yverdon Minigolf Club 25 years Mini Putt Mini Golf Du Laurier Lourmarin
Stockholm mini golf 20 years Mini Golf Miniatur Golf Mini Golf Parc de Haye  


Key Rings



Pens and Pencils

Dolphin Mini Golf Knolls & Holes May Day Golf Putters Paradise - Berlin, CT Captain Hook's Adventure Golf
Adventure Island Boondocks Fun Center Championship Miniature Golf Glow Golf Australia King Putt Indoor Mini Golf
Pirates Cove Golf Pirates Landing, Fairworld Pirates Landing, Fairworld Rylstone Crazy Golf Sandbanks Crazy Golf
Tanto Gardens Bangolf World Crazy Golf Championship 2006 World Crazy Golf Championship 2006 WM Bad Münder 2003  


Some pencils from the USA gratefully gathered by the Putting Penguin


Ball Marker

World Crazy Golf Championship 2006


Car Sticker

Hastings Adventure Golf






Score cards


TV and Films


If you've got any interesting minigolf or crazy golf related ephemera please send me a piccy.



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