2009 UK Crazy Golf Price Survey

As a service to this sites clickers, I thought what better way than find out the best value miniature golf course in the UK. That's the best value, not the cheapest. And my goodness there are some cheap ones out there!

So, how has this been decided?

I've gathered the normal adult price for a single round on a sample of UK crazy golf courses. I've excluded special offers and courses within an attraction where a separate entrance fee is applicable. To do a proper comparison, the adult cost of one round was divided by the number of holes giving a cost per hole. The cost per hole difference between the cheapest and most expensive courses was enormous, ranging from 7 pence to 56 pence.

So what is the best value? How is this decided? Well, money is a factor but it has to be good fun!

And yes that's the Royal 'I'. I'm indebted as always to those two Nutters with Putters, Emily 'Coach' and Richard 'Squire' Gottfried. Famed Lutonwide for their tour of all the courses in the World but mainly the UK. You can follow their progress on the ham and eggers blog.  Who else searches out derelict crazy golf courses and then plays them? Erm, I do.

So here we go............


What is the best value course in Scotland?

It's the cheapest and the best value we found north of the border.  Perth! It is an outdoor 18 hole course but 9 holes are covered, has a members club and it's floodlit! And it comes in at 17 pence per hole!!  Also highly recommended is Fife.

As for indoor courses, Scotland has two.  Aberdeen and Glasgow.  Aberdeen wins it at 32p a hole but both are well worth a visit.  Aberdeen will be hosting the British Minigolf Association Scottish Open 2010.


And the home of my ancestors, Wales?

Is it Rocky Pines Adventure Golf, Llandudno at 14p per hole, it also boasts that it's the highest minigolf course in the British Isles!?  Or was it Prestatyn? 

Yes it was Prestatyn!  A fine example of an Arnold Palmer Putting course at 13p per hole and a chance to win a free game on the lucky nineteenth!!

Wales has no indoor courses that I am aware of.


Northern Ireland

The best value we found was at Carnfunnock at 17p per hole

Highly recommended is Belfast, which held the Irish Open in 2006 & 2007.

Norn Ireland has no indoor courses that I know of.  


England, which in the past was part of Wales, wasn't it?

Oswestry (Cae Glas Park) - Eternit Minigolf, the cheapest in the UK at 7p per hole!  Sutton Fields at 1 for nine holes. Special mentions should also go to Melbourn (Kingsway Golf Centre) where for 2.20 you can play for as long as you like.  And Tea Green, Wandon End, Luton 2.00 unlimited play with a ball purchase.  I don't think either of the courses have met the marathon week long player with the miner's helmet yet.  Also Rhylstone Gardens has been around for 50 years!

But for the best value I give you Dorridge, 1.50 for 12 holes (13p). This course was host to the BMGA British Club Championships in 2005 and 2006.

And while you're in the area check out the excellent course in Stratford-upon-Avon (Martin Dexter built both this course and the one at Dorridge) and the best value Indoor course in England and the UK, Star City, Birmingham. Both come highly recommended.  Dorridge narrowly edges out Newcastle (14p) and Cheddar (14p).


Let us not forget the Channel Islands

Jersey's Living Legend (35p) with 36 holes though slightly more expensive than Guernsey's Oatlands (32p) wins out.   The Channel Islands has no indoor courses that I am aware of.


And the most expensive.....

Yes I've excluded attractions where an entrance fee is payable. Think how much a Caribbean cruise would be. Come to think of it why haven't I been asked to be the ship pro on the 'Voyager of the Seas'?  Well, I'll let you work that one out for yourselves!

I feel I must mention what I believe to be the worst value course in the UK - Woking.  Sure, they have concessions for locals but who on Earth would pay 4 to play this!  And it's only got 9 holes!! The second equal most expensive course in the UK at 44p per hole. Please someone tell me that it's been replaced with something better.....Oh dear, apparently it hasn't and to add insult to injury the hut has disappeared.  Thank You Steve! No, Steve didn't nick it!!


So I believe the best value courses in the UK are Outdoor, The Arnold Palmer Putting Course, Prestatyn and Indoor, Aberdeen narrowly beating Star City, Birmingham.

As for the best course in the UK you'll have to visit Planet Hastings and of course I'm biased!


Please note, this is a sample of UK courses.




Northern Ireland

Channel Isles









Price Range (per hole)














Mean cost per hole (rounded)







Median cost per hole







Mode cost per hole







Mean 18 hole cost







Scotland would seem to be expensive but includes two indoor locations and one large outdoor complex (all in major cities) in the small sample thus skewing the data.

Bear in mind that huge capital expenditure is required for inner city indoor courses.  You should also consider business rates, staffing, maintenance, insurance and a host of other expenses which all factor in to the price you have to pay at the course.

Please let me know if any of the data is wrong. The site accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions.  What would you like included?  Go to the forum and comment away......

Anyone wanting a complete copy of the survey can have it by making a large donation to the site or if you're a course owner by making a slightly smaller donation and sending me loads of merch, memorabilia and pictures of their course(s).  Interested?  Please send enquiries to the web address above - just add @aol before the full stop.