Mini golf in Music

Music scores

I've gone goofy over miniature golf Composer: Diston. L Collaborator/Editor: Parish. M 
Collaborator/Editor: Perkins. F.  c1930 

Since my Wife took up miniature golf  Composer: Schwartz. Jean. c1930 

Since they're all playing miniature Golf Composer: Cantor. E. Collaborator/Editor: MacDonald. B, Dreyer. D.  c1930. Released on Columbia 2290-D (150800) sung by Eddie Walters. Flip side, Go Home And Tell Your Mother. 12 Sep 1930. Also released on Conqueror August 1930 sung by Billy Murray & Walter Scanlan.

I'm Put-Put-Puttin' on the Dinky Links All Day Words and music: George Turner and F. Langhenry Carver.  c1930 

Cute photo of tiny girl holding a miniature golf club over a golf ball and standing next to statues of a gnome and a stork or heron. The back cover states: "This song is dedicated by the composers to the new and fascinating game of miniature golf, and to those who have been instrumental in making this clean and healthful sport universally popular." 

El loco del Tom Thumb Golf (Tango) Words: Francisco Bohigas. Music: Carlos Marcucci.
1931 Southern Music Publishing Co. Inc

Pop music

BILLTOOLHUNTER / BillToolHunter. You Gotta Play Miniature Golf
FIVE IRON FRENZY Miniature Golf Courses of America Present Five Iron Frenzy - Asian Man Records. 
GAY CITY ROLLERS (German band). 12" Minigolf On Acid. 7" Minigolf Stomp / Minigolf Rock'n Roll

Minigolf On Acid 1988 Minigolf On Acid//Minigolf Stomp/Don't Give Up Weserlabel 2437

GEE GEE SHIN for Putt Putt Golf Courses. Mid 1960s record album to advertise Putt Putt Golf Courses of Fayetteville, Great cover shot of band on a miniature golf course. LP 

JEAN NATY BOYER / Les Voyages L'amitie. Le Golf Miniature. Le Golf Miniature Instrumentale
MCDONALD'S - miniature golf, 
MICHAEL GORE / DEFENDING YOUR LIFE. Defending Your Life Soundtrack. 1991 Columbia. Track 10. miniature golf (tiny ballbles) 
MYOPIA / Visions. Miniature Golf
SNUG / Snug. Track 8  Miniature Golf Carts.1999
THE BEACH BOYS Good Vibrations: Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys Disc 1 
All Summer Long (Stereo) Time: 2:06 Irving Music, Inc. Recorded 5/6/64 & 5/7/64 Brian Wilson 'Miniature golf and Hondas in the hills' 
THE HEXTALLS Kick your ass at minigolf features the track 'Born to minigolf' as does the album Call It a Comeback (Thanks for the heads up Pat the Putting Penguin)






THE MELODY UNIT Wax Cylinder . Track 2. obstacle golf 

SUNSETMINIATUREGOLF Something to show you

ZOOGZ RIFT Idiots On The Miniature Golf Course LP/Cassette
ZOOGZ RIFT - Looser Than Clams...A Historical Retrospective (Greatest Hits Vol. 1) SST Records 088 - Featuring Idiots On The Miniature Golf Course

Stephen Merritt and Chris Ewen met on a miniature golf course in the late 80's and formed the Future Bible Heroes



DANE COOK Fireman & Policeman & Miniature Golf Course Security Guard 

Know any I've missed - let me know.  Thanks.