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A quote from Dr Michael Hurdzan: "to grow the game all of us in the golf business should do everything in our power to get a golf club in the hands of non-golfers.  If getting beginners to start out playing miniature golf is the way to get them interested in the game, then that's great!"

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Media coverage of the British Minigolf Association


Minigolf books

Nutters with Putters - the seminal work on crazy golf

10 Courses for 10 Years By Pat Sheridan, Mandy Ranslow, The Putting Penguin.
This book celebrates 10 courses reviewed by The Putting Penguin since our inception in the summer of 2001. 2010 marks our 10th summer of reviewing miniature golf courses. We wanted to provide people with a nice coffee-table style book to display some of our favorite courses complete with pictures. 

Order Tilting at Windmills by Andy Miller.  Be prepared for a no holds barred look at sport in the UK by the Most improved Player of the Year 2000.  Miniature Golf has finally come of age in this blockbuster from the Penguin books stable.  No sports celebrity is safe from the unforgiving pen of the Master!  Read it or just plead ignorance for the rest of your life.    The great new cover version is out in March Pre-order it here.

Miniature and Putting Courses: Insights and Opportunities (Second Edition) National Golf Foundation (InfoPack (non-member) )

The Serious Business of Miniature Golf

MARGOLIES, John, with Nina Garfinkel and Maria Reidelbach Miniature Golf. NY: Abbeville Press, 1987 ISBN:0-89659-684-2. Profusely illustrated with full colour photographs by Margolies, text by Garfinkel and Reidelbach. Large format square hardback with Astroturf covers! In original printed acetate jacket. Charts the history of Miniature Golf from the 1920's to present day; a marvellous, definitive volume on the subject.  

THOMPSON, M.B Miniature Golf A Treatise on the Subject containing Business Building Ideas.  Denver: Central States Pub 1930 qtr dec cl, bds bumped, illus, drwgs, art paper, 65pp, the earliest book on the subject. 

CHLEVIN, Ben [Ed] Golf Operators Handbook miniature putting courses golf driving ranges par-3 golf courses.  Chicago: National Golf Foundation 1956 roy 4to, card cvrs, illus, diags, 104pp

(see also Other books) and here are some pictures of book covers and further books and articles.

In Search of the Tiger  Ian Stafford Paperback (5 June, 2003) Ebury Press; ISBN: 0091886562
This book recounts Ian's attempts to come to grips with golf.  Ian or 'Ion' as he was better known took part in the European minigolf Championships in Prague as part of the British team. 

Minigolf balls

Glow Products Glowing Golf Balls.  A clear dimpled ball with a luminescent stick insert (available in orange, green, pink and blue).

I've now got a couple of these and they're great.  Only problem I foresee, if you're a course owner, you may not, won't, get them back.  So you'll either have to charge a small additional deposit or sell them on site.  The kids will love them.  I haven't got the heart to hit one of mine with an 8 iron as I intend to keep them both for miniature golf, so no views on flight characteristics here.  Having said that, given my slice I wouldn't learn much any way.  I strongly doubt you'll be allowed to use these for tournament play, except for the World Crazy Golf Championship perhaps. Highly recommended for fun miniature golf.  And having used them in a friendly, they give a great insight into the movement of the ball on the greens.  This is due to the insert that runs through the centre, giving more visual information more effectively.  Try one and see for yourself.  I've learnt a lot and incidentally I won, I think Britain's number 7 (Mark Spry) wasn't ready for this latest innovation.  Stephen Potter (a famous English author - to some) wins again.



1-Putt Putter




Drop Putters

Ergo Putter

Finalizer Putter Side saddle putter

Magic Twanger Side saddle putter

Never Compromise

Pendulum Golf Side saddle putter

Positive Putter range includes Side saddle putter

Precision Putter

The String Putter

T-RollŪ Golf Putter

Teardrop Putter


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Bombsite Putting Training Aid Putting Training Device

BoomGolf Boomerang 2-Ball Putting System Putting Training Device

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Dave Pelz's  Home Page

Dr. Putt Putting Tips

Golf Link Putting Tips

GOLFonline Putting Tips

GI Tech Putting Training Device Greens and mats  Putting Tips

Insta-Putt  Putting Aid

LinksPutt Fully contourable putting green from Scotland - The Home of Golf 

Lydiksen Putting Aids Putting Tips

PGA Putting Tips

Pre-Round Putting Routine by Mike McGetrick

Pure Gold Golf Putting Training Device

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PuttGolf Adjustable Indoor Putting Green

Putting Fundamentals by Patricia Hopson

Putting Perfecter Putting Training Device

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Rockline Putting Trainer

SciGolf Putting system

Solid Putting by Patricia Hopson

Targaline Putting Aid Putting Training Device

Tee-Off Putting mats and targets

Turn-Pro Putting Training Device


Putting books

Cue cards

I Can Putt Electronic book

The Putting Edge by Larry Stanley

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All the titles below are available from

        Order Dave Pelz's Putting Bible Today!

        Order Rik Degunther's The Art and Science of Putting Today!

Order Dave Stockton's Putt to Win : Secrets for Mastering the Other Game of Golf Today!

Order The Golf Magazine's Putting Handbook Today!

Order Todd Sones' Lights-Out Putting : A Mind, Body, and Soul Approach to Golf's Game Within the Game Today!

Order Patrick J. Cohn's The Mental Art of Putting : Using Your Mind to Putt Your Best: The Psychology of Great Putting Today!

Order James A. Frank's Precision Putting (Precision Golf Series) Today!

Order Criswell Freeman's Putter Principle: Golfs Greatest Legends Discuss the Ultimate Stroke Today!

Order Putting Out of Your Mind Bob Rotella

Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect - Bob Rotella, Bob Cullen, Tom Kite    Order it now

I strongly suggest that you do not buy this book.  It's too common-sensical, it's too obvious, it's too good for you.  How am I supposed to continue my domination of world putting if you read this?  Gamesmanship has no place in tournament play I whole-heartedly agree, in all other scenarios it's perfectly acceptable.  Indeed it should be encouraged, the success of Planet Hastings Crazy Golf Club is down to hours of practice with fellow members in full-blown mayhem - what better way to test your pre-shot routine, your target fixing and your play for the moment attitude?  Sadly Doctor Bob doesn't highlight this, but in time............

Golf Is a Game of Confidence - Robert Rotella    Order it now

Order Dave Pelz's Putt Like the Pros Today!

Order Jim McLean's The Putter's Pocket Companion Today!

Order Steve Page's Putting Secrets for the Weekend Golfer Today!

Order Horton Smith's The Secret of Holing Putts Today!

Order Craig L. Farnsworth's See It & Sink It : Mastering Putting Through Peak Visual Performance Today!

Order John Garrity's Sports Illustrated Putting : The Stroke-Saver's Guide Today!

Order Great Putting-Right Now Today!

Order George Low's Master Of Putting Today!

Order Bobby Rusher's How to Line Up Your Fourth Putt Today!

The Complete Golf Gamesmanship aka Golfmanship - Stephen Potter   Buy it now

Definitely worth the hassle of trying to get hold of a copy.  All the attempts to update the gambits in later books by other authors don't quite hit the green as it were.  The absolute master.


Putting videos

Order Ben Crenshaw's The Art Of Putting Today!

Order Golf Digest's Saving Par From The Sand / Putting For Profit Today!

Order David Leadbetter's The Short Game - Vol. 1 : Putting And Chipping Today!

Order Vivien Saunders' Golf Clinic, Putting Today!


Crazy Golf DVDs

Nutters with Putters - it doesn't get any better than this!


Putting DVDs

Order Bob Rotella's Putt to win Today!


Other videos

In a classic Mr Bean adventure, our hero holes in one the first only to take 3,427 on the second. 

Order BOB THE BUILDER 'One-Shot Wendy' (UK Video Scarecrow Dizzy and other Stories)

Bob and Wendy build it and then play crazy golf.

THE SIMPSONS "Dead Putting Society" Episode Number: 19 Original Air Date: November 15, 1990

featured in The Simpsons - Year 2, Part 1 (Box Set) - Video - Order it now!

RUGRATS "Ice Cream Mountain" (1992) featured on video Rugrats: A Rugrats Vacation  - Order it now!

Order School for Scoundrels Today! based on the 'manship' works of Stephen Potter.


Other Books

Check out some old golf books and other golf related items for sale

Order Chester H. Liebs' Main Street to Miracle Mile : American Roadside Architecture Today! <review>

Pigs on the Ball : Fun With Math and Sports (Axelrod, Amy. Pigs Will Be Pigs.)  Amy Axelrod, Sharon McGinley-Nally (Illustrator) available from

Order Tilting at Windmills by Andy Miller.  Be prepared for a no holds barred look at sport in the UK by the Most improved Player of the Year 2000.  Miniature Golf has finally come of age in this blockbuster from the Penguin books stable.  No sports celebrity is safe from the unforgiving pen of the Master!  Read it or just plead ignorance for the rest of your life. - Used, rare and out-of-print books

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