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Golf College

New pictures of Courseulles Sur Mer, Luc Sur Mer, Cannon Hill Park Mini Golf, Sunderland

Gran Canaria: Princess Hotel, San Valentin Park, Yumbo CentreBasingstoke Mini Golf and Teignmouth Adventure Golf

Latest news: World Crazy Golf Championship 2013

1.Olivia Prokopova  2.Sean Homer  3.Pasi Aho


BMGA Doubles Championship 2012

1. John McIver / Nick Chitty  2. Chris Smith / Seth Thomas  3. John Moore / Dave Donnelly

Star City Open 2012

1. Chris Harding  2. Michael Smith  3. Adam Kelly


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World Crazy Golf Championship 2011

1. Michael Smith 2. Andy Exall 3. James Rutherford

Weymouth Open 2011

1. M. Smith  2. R. Gottfried  3. C. Smith

Putt Park Annual Mini-Golf Tournament, Las Vegas

1. Richard Gottfried  2. Emily Gottfried  3. Ryan Cordes

World Minigolf Championship

Ladies 1. Stefanie Kern, Germany 2. Bianca Oberweg, Germany 3. Karin Heschl, Austria 
Men 1. Filiph Svensson, Sweden 2. Marco Henning, Germany 3. Dennis Kapke, Germany

Mens teams 1. Sweden 2. Germany 3. Switzerland 
Ladies teams 1. Germany 2. Austria 3. Switzerland 

BMGA Doubles Championship

1. Chris Harding & Marc Chapman 2. Oliver Florence & Richard Skeggs 3. Sean Homer & Marion Homer

BMGA Midlands Open 

1. Chris Harding 2. Sean Homer 3. Marc Chapman

BMGA British Matchplay Championships

1. S. Homer  2. M. Smith  3. B.Shepherd

BMGA British Championships

1. J. Rutherford  2. M. Smith  3. M. Chapman

Nations Cup 2011

1. Sweden I   2. Sweden II   3. Austria

English Open 2011

1. Michael Smith  2. James Rutherford  3. Kevin Moseley

US Open

1. Olivia Prokopova  2. Brad Lebo  3. Rainey Statum

World Adventure Golf Masters

1. Martin Stoeckle 2. Sebastian Kube 3. Michael Smith

Rumble in the Jungle 2011

1. Michael Smith  2. Sean Homer  3. Kevin Moseley

New pictures of Bergerac, Preston, Brighton, Fouras Fun Golf, Fouras Mini golf and Hastings

Star City Open 2011

1. Michael Smith  2. Marc Chapman  3. Martin Stoeckle


BMGA rankings as at End of Year 2010

BMGA Club Championships

1. Kent Spitfires  2. Planet Hastings 'Z' (H8)  3. Green Hornets

Kent Open 

1. Sean Homer  2. Tony Kelly  3. John McIver

Kent Invitational

1. Michael Smith  2. Adam Kelly  3. Marc Chapman

Asian Open 2010

1. Marcel Noack  2. Richard Skeggs  3. Zhuhongbin

Castle Golf World Crazy Golf Championships

1. Chris Harding  2. Peter Emmerson  3. Michael Smith

The Castle Golf World Crazy Golf Rankings

US Masters

1. Ricard Lockner 2. Olivia Prokopova 3. Greg Newport

Fake World Crazy Golf Championship 2010

1. Ace Man  2. The Force  3. AK 47

London Invitational

1. Jon Angel  2. Brad Shepherd  3. Chris Jones

Weymouth Open

1. Michael Smith  2. Sean Homer  3=. Matthew Harding 3=. Kevin Moseley

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British Open 2010

1.Eirik Seljelid  2.Jouni Valkjärvi  3.Nick Chitty  4.Michael Smith

BMGA Players Championship

1. Peter Emmerson  2. John McIver  3. Nick Chitty  4. Russ Dent

International Players Championship

1. Jouni Valkjarvi  2. Eirik Seljelid  3. Karsten Hein  4. Johan Ahlander 

PPA National Championships

1. Greg Newport  2.= Olivia Prokopova & Brad Lebo

Planet Hastings Crazy Golf Club Open

1. Marc Chapman  2. Tim Davies  3. Michael Smith

European Minigolf Championships, Predazzo

Men  1. Erik Tiekstra  2. Marcel Noack  3. Rupert Westenthaler 
Women  1. Rebecca Weber  2. Lisa Gruber  3. Nicole Piechotta

Hastings Invitational Tournament

1. Big Top  2. Ace Man  3. The Gift

BMGA London Open

1. Nick Sandqvist  2. Michael Smith  3. Marc Chapman

The virtual doors of The Crazy Golf Museum are open

Putting Penguin celebrates 10 years of reviews

Midland Invitational Tournament 2010

1. Chris Harding  2. Richard Gottfried  3. Kevin Moseley  4. Matthew Harding

British Minigolf Association Matchplay Championships 2010

1. Sean Homer  2. Richard Gottfried  3. Leo Kukielka  4. Brad Shepherd

British Minigolf Association Minigolf Championships 2010

1. Tim Davies  2. Nick Chitty  3. Michael Smith  4. Sean Homer

BMGA Hemsby Lost World Pro Am 2010

1) Sean & Mitch  2) Nick & Marion  3) Brad & Emily

British Minigolf Association Matchplay Championships 2010 Draw

BMGA Scottish Open

1. Chris Harding  2. Jouni Valkjärvi  3. Michael Smith

BMGA Doubles Tournament

1. Chris Harding & Marc Chapman  2. Tim Davies & John McIver  3. Richard Gottfried & Kevin Moseley

Midlands Open

1. Chris Harding  2. Marc Chapman  3. John McIver

BMGA British Masters

1. Andy Exall  2. Nick Chitty  3. Michael Smith

BMGA English Open

1. Chris Harding  2. Michael Smith  3. John Moore

The miniaturegolfer forum awards 2009 

The Miniature Golfer 2009 UK Price Survey

BMGA National Open

1. Chris Harding  2. Kevin Moseley  3. Marc Chapman


Kent Open

1. Nick Chitty  2. Marc Chapman  3. Andy Exall

Kent Invitational

1. Marc Chapman  2. Sean Homer  3. Scott Lancley

Castle Golf World Crazy Golf Championships 2009

1. Keith Kellard  2. Peter Emmerson  3. John Mittler  4. Tim Davies

British Matchplay Championships

1. Andy Exall  2. John Moore  3. Terry Exall  4. John McIver

Weymouth Open  1. Kevin Moseley  2. Richard Gottfried  3. John Moore

London Open 1. Adam Kelly  2. Richard Gottfried  3. David Corkett

British Club Championships 1. London 'B'  2= Planet Hastings 'A'  2= London 'A'

British Open
1. Torgny Kjellström 2. Johan Ahlander 3. Björn Dinau

Players Championship
1. Andy Exall 2. Ruth Bullin 3= Bill Bullin and Matt Wood 

International Players Championship
1.Torgny Kjellström 2.Leif Ohrling 3= Karsten Hein and Bjorn Dinau 

London Invitational

1. Brad Shepherd  2. Ruth Bullin  3. Jo Williamson

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Open 2009

1. Richard Gottfried  2. John Moore  3. Steve Gow

World Minigolf Championships

Men: 1. Jonas Gustafsson (SWE) 2. Filiph Svensson (SWE) 3. Harald Erlbruch (GER)

Women: 1. Sandra Weaver (SWE) 2. Lisa Berger-Rella (AUT) 3. Karin Wiklund (SWE)

Women Teams: 1. Sweden 2. Austria 3. Germany

Men Teams: 1. Sweden 2. Germany 3. Austria

Youth European Minigolf Championships

Boys: 1. Germany  2. Sweden  3. Austria

Girls: 1. Germany  2. Austria  3. Sweden  

Manchester Mini Open

1. Richard Gottfried  2. Emily Gottfried  3. Paul Johnson

BMGA British Championships

1. Keith Kellard  2. Tim Davies  3. Peter Emmerson  4. Jo Williamson

Midland Open

1. John Moore  2. Peter Emmerson  3. Kevin Moseley

BMGA Doubles 

1. Jam Trubridge & Ted McIver  2. Marion & Sean Homer  3. Alan Norman & Gareth Holmes

Planet Hastings win the Smeeth Cup

Midland Invitational

1. Kevin Moseley  2. Chris Harding  3. James Trubridge

English Open

1. Nick Chitty  2. Chris Harding  3. Brad Shepherd

China Open

1. Olivia Prokopova  2. Bird Chn  3. Effley Chn

British Masters

1. Chris Jones  2. Andy Exall  3. Jon Angel  4. Brad Shepherd

Manchester Mini Masters

1. Richard Gottfried  2. Chris Harding  3. Paul Johnson

Planet Hastings Crazy Golf Club Open

1. Andy Exall  2. Peter Emmerson  3. Sean Homer  4. Olivia Prokopova

BMGA Matchplay Championships

Star City Open, Birmingham 

1. Chris Harding  2. James Trubridge  3. Peter Emmerson

Kent Open

1. Andy Exall  2. Dave Forrest  3. Bill Bullin  4. Sean Homer

Kent Invitational

1. Tim Davies  2. Rocky Bullin  3. Sean Homer  4. Gary Davies

World Crazy Golf Championships 2008

1. Tim Davies  2. Chris Harding  3. Andy Exall  4. Pasi Aho

And the Womens World Crazy Golf Champion is Jo Williamson

British Matchplay Championships

1. Tim Davies  2. Andy Exall  3. Trevor Exall  4. Kevin Botto

Hastings Invitational Tournament

1. Tim Davies  2. Andy Exall  3. Nick Chitty

Tunbridge Wells Invitational Tournament

1. Peter Emmerson  2. Terry Exall  3. John McIver

Sealand National Championships

1. Peter Emmerson  2. Anthony Pope

Weymouth Open

1. Richard Gottfried  2. Robert Horton  3. Oliver Green

  Brighton Invitational

1. Peter Emmerson  2. Matthew Lelliott  3. Jacob Stevenson 

British Matchplay Semi final draw

British Open

1.  Mattias Ståhl  2.  Bjorn Dinau  3. Jouni Valkjärvi 

BMGA Players Championship

1.  Andy Exall  2. Sean Homer  3. Chris Harding  4. Peter Emmerson

BMGA International Players Championship

1. Mattias Ståhl  2. Torgny Kjellström  3.= Olivia Prokopova & Bjorn Dinau

British Championships

1. Tim Davies  2. Andy Exall  3. John McIver

Brighton Open

1. Jacob Stevenson  2. Tim Davies  3. Chris Harding  4. Ruth Bullin

BMGA Club Championships

1. Midlands I   2. London II   3. London I

English Open

1. Tim Davies  2. John Moore  3. Chris Harding  4. Richard Gottfried

BMGA Doubles Championship

1.  Andy & Trevor Exall  2. Jon Angel & Keith Kellard  3. James Trubridge & John Moore

US Open

1. Matt McCaslin  2. Peter Gilchrist  3. Astra Stanwyck  4. Olivia Prokopova

Nations Cup

1. Austria  2. Germany  3. Switzerland  4. Sweden

The Viking Horn

1. Ace Man  2. Big Top  3. FreeBird  4. F1

Midland Invitational

1.  Chris 'Who' Harding  2. John 'YI' Moore  3. Richard 'Squire' Gottfried

Blackpool Open

1.  Chris 'Who' Harding  2. John 'YI' Moore  3.  Paul Fitzpatrick

Not Winning Not Losing by Emma Harding

British Masters

1. John 'YI' Moore  2. Keith 'Doc' Kellard  3. Chris 'Who' Harding  4. Trevor 'Pumbah' Exall

Planet Hastings Crazy Golf Open

1. Trevor 'Pumbah' Exall    2. Chris 'Who' Harding   3. Tim 'Ace Man' Davies 

Ace Man challenges Tiger Woods!

Kent Open

1. S. Homer  2. A. Exall  3. T. Davies  4. J. McIver

Kent Invitational Tournament

1. Ruth Bullin  2. S.Homer  3. B. Bullin  4. A.Booth

World Crazy Golf Championships

1.  C.Harding  2. A. Exall  3. B. Shepherd  4. B.Bullin

London Invitational Tournament

Brighton Invitational Tournament

Hastings Invitational Tournament

Tunbridge Wells Invitational Tournament

1. P. Emmerson  2. S. Homer  3. Ruth Bullin  4.  T. Davies

Peter Emmerson wins Sealand Invitational

Nutters with Putters promo released

James Trubridge wins Midland Open

Planet Hastings win BMGA Team Championship

Ace Man & Big Top win BMGA Doubles

British Open

1. Jouni Valkjärvi 2. Mattias Stahl 3. Eirik Seljelid

British Championships

1. Chris Harding  2. Bill Bullin  3. Tim Davies

British Womens Championships

1. Ruth Bullin  2. Susan Forrest  3. Jane Booth

British Juniors Championships

1. Rocky Bullin  2. Seve Kukielka  3. Sally Booth

British Seniors Championships

1. Bill Bullin  2. Tim Davies  3. Ruth Bullin

BMGA Players Championship

1. Steve Gow  2. Andy Booth  3. Andy Exall  4. Tim Davies

BMGA International Players Championship

1. Olivia Prokopova  2. Mattias Stahl

Planet Hastings Rookies Tournament

1. Rupert Larkin  2. Nick Chitty  3. Thomas Candy

World Minigolf Championships

Women 1. Elisabeth Gruber 2. Bianca Oberweg 3. Nicole Gundert-Greiffendorf 4. Tryntsje Schakel 
Men 1. Marco Templin 2. Marco Balzer 3. Christian Freilach 4. Manfred Lindmayr

Mens team: 1. Germany  2. Sweden  3. Switzerland
Womens team: 1. Germany  2. Austria  3. Sweden

Brighton Open 1. Jacob Stevenson  2. Matt Lelliot  3. Andy Exall

English Open 1. John McIver  2. Kevin Moseley  3. Chris Harding

Emma Harding's Mini Momentous vote on it now!

British Masters 1. Keith 'Doc' Kellard  2. Chris 'Who' Harding  3. Andy Exall  4. John 'Big Top Ted' McIver

Irish Open 1. Ricard Lockner  2. Karl Lakos  3. Hans Olofsson  4. Jouni Valkjärvi

Planet Hastings Crazy Golf Open

1. Tim 'Ace Man' Davies  2. Chris 'Who' Harding  3. John 'Thighs' Moore  4. Ruth 'Plate Thrower' Bullin

Thinking of setting up a miniature golf course, you'll need a business plan



Kent Open Tournament

1. Steve Vallory  2. Sean Homer  3. Jon Angel  4. Ruth Bullin

Kent Invitational Tournament

1. Kieran Davies  2. Sean Homer  3. Jon Angel  4. Marion Homer

Virgin Money World Crazy Golf Championships

1. Tim Davies  2. Andy Exall  3. Brad Shepherd

Tim Davies wins Hastings Invitational Tournament

Brighton win Madeira Cup

Europa Cup BGC Neutraubling (Ladies) & BGS Hardenberg-Pötter win

Planet Hastings Crazy Golf Club win Club Championships

Midland Open  1. Rocky Bullin  2. Tim Davies  3. John McIver

Chris Harding wins Midland Invitational

Karsten Hein wins British Open

BMGA Players Championship

1.  Tim Davies  2. John Moore  3. Steve Gow  4. Bill Bullin

European Championships

Men : 1. Harald Erlbruch  2. Peter Eisenschmidt  3. Erik Tiekstra  4. Achim Braungart-Zink
Women: 1. Bianca Zodrow 2. Corina Reinisch 3. Tryntsje Schakel 4. Karin Wiklund
Mens team: 1. Sweden  2. Germany  3. Austria
Womens team: 1. Germany  2. Netherlands  3. Sweden

English Open

1. Jon Angel  2. Jam Trubridge  3. Keith Kellard  4.Bill Bullin

Brighton Open

1. Brad Shepherd  2. Jacob Stevenson  3. Kevin Botto  4. Andy Exall

London Invitational Tournament

1. Jon Angel  2. Keith Kellard  3. Brad Shepherd  4. Chris Jones

  British Championships

1. John Moore  2. Chris Harding  3. Keith Kellard  4. Jon Angel

London Open

1. David Corkett  2. James Trubridge  3. Steve Vallory  4. Jon Angel

European Nations Cup

 1. Germany  2. Sweden  3. Netherlands  4. Austria

Irish Open

1. Hans Olofsson  2. Karl Lakos  3. Chris Harding  4. Tim Davies

  BMGA British Masters

1. Trevor Exall  2. John McIver  3. Andy Exall  4. John Moore

BMGA Doubles Championship

1. Jon Angel, Keith Kellard  2. Tim Davies, John McIver  3. Steve Gow, Rocky Bullin

The new Planet Hastings Crazy Golf Club ball is available (picture) "The Pirate"

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Planet Hastings Crazy Golf Club ball is available (picture) "Dodo" any more dead and it would be extinct

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