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Venue name:

Official name

Web page:

Needed for on-site link


Need the post code for mapping purposes.


Adults, Children. Discounts for BMGA membership. Other discounts?


With national code

Contact name:

Needed for any follow up. Will be excluded in the review shown on the net.


Summer season only? All year round?


Outdoor or Indoor:


Number of Holes:

9 or 12 or 18?


Unofficial or official?

Course record:

Unofficial or official?

Type of course:

There are many different types;City Golf, Swedish Felt Run, Betong, Eternit, Crazy Golf, Adventure Golf, Mini Golf, Micro Golf, Themed. Use your best judgement or ask.

Construction Type:

Probably best to ask. Normally carpet over concrete, sides are important - brick, stone, wood or metal. Is the course perimeter complete, except for the tee?

Constructed / Designed by:

Please ask. Very useful information.





Weather (if applicable):


Overall playability rating:

Average of playability ratings below. Score 1 is dreadful 10 is excellent or anywhere in between. Back it up with some salient comments if you want.




Does it work for you?  No 1, Sort of 5, Yes 10

Difficulty Level:

Is it too easy? Easy 1, OK 5 , Difficult 10

Skill Factor:

Does it demand skill? No 1, Middling 5 , Yes 10


Is it well maintained? No 1, Sort of 5, Yes 10


Do you want to play it again? Would you recommend it? No 1, Sort of 5, Yes 10

Other factors:



Does it look good? No 1, Sort of 5, Yes 10


Does it fit? Is it quiet or busy? Bad 1, OK 5, Wonderful 10


Is the supplied equipment good? Bad 1, OK 5, Splendid 10


Is it original? No 1, Sort of 5, Yes 10

Venue Facilities:

Are there other things to do? No 1, Sort of 5, Yes loads 10

Vicinity Facilities:

Are there other things to do in the vicinity? No 1, Sort of 5, Yes loads 10

Value for money:

Was it worth it? No 1, Sort of 5, Yes 10

Reviewer comments:

Any particularly tough, good holes and vice versa.


The most important parts are the contact details (address and telephone) and playability rating.