Rough 'n' Ready Guide to miniature golf


The size of the course very much depends on how many holes you have - for competition you should have 18, but for any other use, it's up to you!

An 18 hole course can be accommodated in an area of 25m by 50m easily and with a little imagination within half of that.  For the larger US style adventure courses you'll need up to an acre.

Here are some examples of courses:

 A standard British seaside crazy golf course

 A British seaside minigolf course

 A British seaside themed adventure golf course

Some other pictures of miniature golf, mini golf, crazy golf and adventure golf courses.

Swedish Felt Run as used in 2001 World Championships (Vaskiluoto, Vaasa)SV Golf run maps

Eternit used in 2002 European Championships. SV Golf run maps.  Other Eternit miniature golf pictures.

Beton used in 2002 European Championships.

Course types

Adventure Golf


Crazy Golf


Mini Golf

Miniature Golf

Swedish Felt Run



Miniature golf shares a lot of the vocabulary of putting, here is a list of minigolf related terms hopefully that is easily understandable, if there are any omissions please let me know.



The equipment required is a putter and a ball. This can be a standard putter as used in golf or a specialist putter as used in the World Championships and mainland European competition.  On one hole on the Betong course a normal golf club may be used.

Again the ball can be as used in golf or it can be of the low compression type i.e. it doesn't bounce so much. In the World Championships and mainland Europe they use a huge array of specialist ball types each having their own characteristics i.e. weight, bounce - these are smaller than the standard golf ball. 


Specialist types here:

ProGolf Austria

Sport Reisinger



Garnet Carter

Richard W Davis

Arnold Palmer

Minigolf: From Summer Holidays to the Summer Olympics? Article by David Gough et al

USA - US ProMinigolf Association

USA - MGAUS Pictures

USA - Simply Putt: Mini-Golf is an art form

USA - 'Lilli-putt-ian' Landmarks Susan R. Chandler Cultural Resource Management no. 10 2000

WMF - Some facts and figures

Patents - Some interesting putting and miniature golf patents including the supposed invention of miniature golf

Old putting and miniature golf postcards, if you've got any please let me know.

The St. Andrews Ladies' Golf Club

Goofy Golf (US)

Agility Nut (US) Lots of nice piccies



British Minigolf Association Competition Rules (These rules are effectively a summary of the WMF Competition Rules, obtainable at this link.)

An example of competition rules - used by The Professional Putters Association (USA) and the rules of the US ProMiniGolf Association

The definitive guide to the rules of crazy golf

Some notes on setting up a miniature golf tournament.