Kent’s Sean Homer wins the 2010 BMGA British Matchplay Championships

Kent’s Sean Homer became the new British Matchplay Champion after defeating Luton’s Richard Gottfried 3&1 in the final match of the tournament held at the new 18-hole Splash Point Mini Golf course at Denton Gardens in Worthing, West Sussex on Sunday 4thJuly.

The tournament was played over five rounds, with 32 players competing for the title. The event format saw each competitor playing five 18-hole matchplay matches through the day, with the player who won all five of their games being crowned the 2010 BMGA British Matchplay Champion. A total of 80 matches were played at the tournament. This was the first year the competition was played out over one-day, with the previous championships decided following a season-long knockout tournament played at multiple venues throughout the year.

In the final match Richard Gottfried gained an early lead, before Sean Homer was able to level-up and then go on to take a four-hole lead. Richard managed to win back three-holes, but with the match at Dormie Two, Homer hit a hole-in-one on the 17thhole to seal the victory.

New BMGA British Matchplay Champion Sean Homer said "I'm over the moon to have won the title. The results in matchplay are always tough to predict but I felt in good form going into the weekend and was confident that I could do well on what proved to be a challenging course for everyone across the five rounds. The format produced some real surprises across each round and it was great to see Adam Kelly and Leo Kukielka in particular pushing for honours and producing some truly memorable giant killings along the way. I thoroughly enjoyed the company of all of my playing partners across the day, Owen, Paul, Richard S, Leo and Richard G, and was of course delighted when the final ace dropped at the 17thto take the title in front of the knowledgeable and appreciative crowd. I would like to thank Peter and Anthony for giving us the opportunity to play the competition as a one-day event at Splash Point, Emily for running the event so seamlessly, my teammates at the Kent Minigolf Club for making it such good fun to play minigolf and of course to Marion in particular for all her support on the day. Roll on 2011!"

Defeated finalist Richard Gottfried said "I’m obviously disappointed not to have won, but Sean beat me with some great play and fine aces, I didn’t lose the match with poor play. My game was solid throughout the tournament and I made some great shots. Before the tournament my singles matchplay record didn’t look that great, but now with four more wins in a very intense competition it looks a lot healthier. The brand new course at Splash Point in Worthing is also very testing, and a perfect venue for a matchplay event. I can’t wait to play there again soon."

In the third and fourth place play-off match Leo Kukielka from Cwmbran, Wales defeated London’s Brad Shepherd 3&2. Eleven year old Leo also won the Player of the Tournament title, having knocked out Nick Chitty, Trevor Exall and Adam Kelly in his run towards the final, with his only defeat in his five matches coming at the hands of eventual winner Sean Homer, in the semi-finals.

Course owners Anthony Pope and Peter Emmerson were very pleased with how the tournament played out on their new course, despite the fact the two friends were drawn to play each other in the first round!

Anthony Pope said "A great day’s play produced a worthy winner. Sunny Worthing lived up to its reputation by laying on glorious weather throughout the weekend and with the positive feedback from players, we're looking forward to hosting more competitions in the future. I think all the competitors enjoyed their stay in the town and will back for more Crazy Golf action at Splash Point Mini Golf!"

Peter Emmerson said "Splash Point Mini Golf was delighted to hold its first competition at the course. The weekend was a great success and the event has proven that Worthing’s newest attraction not only provides a fun and enjoyable experience for the whole family, but is also a great test of skill for the UK's top minigolfers. We're now looking forward to holding more competitions in coming years and we hope that some of Worthing’s local residents and keen minigolfers will take part alongside the BMGA Tour professionals."

Final placings:

1) Sean Homer (£100)
2) Richard Gottfried (£75)
3) Leo Kukielka (£50) - junior
4) Brad Shepherd (£25)
5) Adam Kelly - junior
6) Tony Kelly
7) Richard Skeggs
8) Marc Chapman
9) Chris Harding
10) Peter Emmerson
11) Oliver Florence
12) Trevor Exall
13) Gareth Holmes
14) Scott Lancley
15) Paul Johnson
16) Chris Jones
17) Michael Smith
18) Anthony Pope
19) Nick Chitty
20) John McIver
21) Andy Exall
22) Jas Kukielka
23) Owen Johnson - junior
24) Ruth Bullin
25) Tim Davies
26) Alan Norman
27) Martin Robertson
28) Cindy Kukielka
29) Trevor Robertson
30) Marion Homer
31) Stuart Lovejoy
32) Steve Sturdy

Full round by round, match by match results:


Michael Smith lost to MARC CHAPMAN by 1
Anthony Pope lost to PETER EMMERSON 3 & 2
Steve Sturdy lost to OLIVER FLORENCE 2 & 1
Cindy Kukielka lost to RICHARD GOTTFRIED 3 & 2
BRAD SHEPHERD beat Tim Davies by 1
Marion Homer lost to TREVOR EXALL by 1
GARETH HOLMES beat John McIver 4 & 3
Stuart Lovejoy lost to ADAM KELLY 3 & 1
LEO KUKIELKA beat Nick Chitty by 1
CHRIS HARDING beat Andy Exall 2 & 1
SCOTT LANCLEY beat Alan Norman 6 & 5
CHRIS JONES beat Trevor Robertson by 1
SEAN HOMER beat Owen Johnson 6 & 4
RICHARD SKEGGS beat Ruth Bullin by 1
Jas Kukielka lost to PAUL JOHNSON by 2
TONY KELLY beat Martin Robertson 4 & 3

Places 1 - 16

BRAD SHEPHERD beat Scott Lancley after sudden death
ADAM KELLY beat Peter Emmerson 5 & 4
RICHARD SKEGGS beat Chris Jones 3 & 2
Gareth Holmes lost to MARC CHAPMAN 3 & 2
LEO KUKIELKA beat Trevor Exall 4 & 3
Paul Johnson lost to SEAN HOMER 3 & 2
Chris Harding lost to RICHARD GOTTFRIED by 1
TONY KELLY beat Oliver Florence by 1

Places 17 - 32
Tim Davies lost to ANDY EXALL 3 & 2
Alan Norman lost to OWEN JOHNSON after sudden death
RUTH BULLIN beat Stuart Lovejoy 4 & 3
NICK CHITTY beat Martin Robertson 4 & 3
MICHAEL SMITH beat Steve Sturdy 7 & 6
Cindy Kukielka lost to ANTHONY POPE 5 & 3
Marion Homer lost to JOHN MCIVER 3 &2
Trevor Robertson lost to JAS KUKIELKA by 1

Places 1 - 8

Marc Chapman lost to BRAD SHEPHERD 2 & 1
Richard Skeggs lost to SEAN HOMER by 1
Adam Kelly lost to LEO KUKIELKA 3 & 2
Tony Kelly lost to RICHARD GOTTFRIED by 1

Places 9 - 16

OLIVER FLORENCE beat Chris Jones 5 & 4
CHRIS HARDING beat Gareth Holmes 5 & 3
TREVOR EXALL beat Paul Johnson after sudden death
PETER EMMERSON beat Scott Lancley 5 & 3

Places 17 - 24

Jas Kukielka lost to ANTHONY POPE by 1
MICHAEL SMITH beat Andy Exall 4 & 2
JOHN MCIVER beat Owen Johnson 4 & 2
NICK CHITTY beat Ruth Bullin 3 & 2

Places 25 - 32

TIM DAVIES beat Marion Homer 4 & 3
Trevor Robertson lost to MARTIN ROBERTSON 2 & 1
ALAN NORMAN beat Stuart Lovejoy 2 & 1
Steve Sturdy lost to CINDY KUKIELKA 5 & 4

Places 1 - 4

Brad Shepherd lost to RICHARD GOTTFRIED after sudden death
SEAN HOMER beat Leo Kukielka 7 & 6

Places 5 - 8

TONY KELLY beat Marc Chapman 3 & 1
Richard Skeggs lost to ADAM KELLY 3 & 1

Places 9 - 12

CHRIS HARDING beat Trevor Exall 2 & 1
Oliver Florence lost to PETER EMMERSON 8 & 7

Places 13 - 16

Chris Jones lost to SCOTT LANCLEY 5 & 4
GARETH HOLMES beat Paul Johnson 3 & 2

Places 17 - 20

John McIver lost to ANTHONY POPE 2 & 1
Nick Chitty lost to MICHAEL SMITH 3 & 1

Places 21 - 24

Owen Johnson lost to ANDY EXALL 3 & 1
JAS KUKIELKA beat Ruth Bullin by 1

Places 25 - 28

Martin Robertson lost to TIM DAVIES 8 & 6
Cindy Kukielka lost to ALAN NORMAN 3 & 2

Places 29 - 32

Stuart Lovejoy lost to TREVOR ROBERTSON after sudden death
Steve Sturdy lost to MARION HOMER 7 & 6


Places 1 & 2

SEAN HOMER beat Richard Gottfried 3 & 1

Places 3 & 4

LEO KUKIELKA beat Brad Shepherd 3 &2

Places 5 & 6

Tony Kelly lost to ADAM KELLY 2 & 1

Places 7 & 8

Marc Chapman lost to RICHARD SKEGGS 3 & 2

Places 9 &10

Peter Emmerson lost to CHRIS HARDING by 1

Places 11 & 12

OLIVER FLORENCE beat Trevor Exall 4 &2

Places 13 & 14

Scott Lancley lost to GARETH HOLMES 3 &2

Places 15 & 16

Chris Jones lost to PAUL JOHNSON by 1

Places 17 & 18

Anthony Pope lost to MICHAEL SMITH 6 & 4

Places 19 & 20

John McIver lost to NICK CHITTY 6 & 5

Places 21 & 22

ANDY EXALL beat Jas Kukielka 6 &4

Places 23 & 24

OWEN JOHNSON beat Ruth Bullin 2 & 1

Places 25 & 26

TIM DAVIES beat Alan Norman 4 & 2

Places 27 & 28

MARTIN ROBERTSON beat Cindy Kukielka 4 & 3

Places 29 & 30

Marion Homer lost to TREVOR ROBERTSON by 1

Places 31 & 32

Steve Sturdy lost to STUART LOVEJOY 5 & 3


Pre event News Release

Minigolf Event – Worthing’s Splash Point Mini Golf course hosts the BMGA British Matchplay Championships – 4th July

Worthing’s new 18-hole Splash Point Mini Golf course has been selected to host its first official British Minigolf Association competition on Sunday 4thJuly, as 32 of the UK’s top minigolfers will be competing in the third BMGA British Matchplay Championships.

The tournament tees-off at the Denton Gardens course at 9am on Sunday 4thJuly, and will see each of the 32 players competing in a knockout competition for the coveted British Matchplay Title. Each player will play five matches through the day, with the player who wins all five of their games being crowned the 2010 BMGA British Matchplay Champion.

In an exciting twist thrown up in the draw for the event, the two course owners – Anthony Pope and Peter Emmerson – will face each other in the first round, with the winner going on to contest for title glory, and the loser playing for pride in the 17th -32nd place pool of matches.

Course owner Anthony Pope said "Splash Point Mini Golf is proving to be a popular seafront attraction for Worthing's families this summer and we're looking forward to the course being put through its paces by the top Minigolfers in the country."

BMGA Chairman Sean Homer said "The British Matchplay Championship is a really unique event in our calendar. The un-seeded live draws have become a highlight of the minigolf year in their own right with some terrific ties thrown up as a result over the past two years. 2010 sees a significant change for the event with the competition played out across a single day on one course, rather than the season-long format of 2008 and 2009. The first round ties have already thrown up some classic match ups – the current champion Andy Exall versus the reigning British number one Chris Harding. Two of the current form players from Kent, Marc Chapman and Michael Smith going head to head. And perhaps the tie of the round, with the course owners and designers paired up in a battle of the Splash Point minigolfers with Anthony Pope and Peter Emmerson facing each other. Each subsequent round on the day will no doubt throw up more great matches and with five rounds guaranteed for every player, we are in for a treat of matchplay minigolf on the 4thJuly. It’s impossible to call the winner at this stage and the only thing that is certain is that the player that wins all five of their matches will be crowned the BMGA British Matchplay Champion for 2010!"

The line-up of the first round of matches is below. Tee-off time for round one is 9am.

Match 1. Michael Smith v Marc Chapman
Match 2. Leo Kukielka v Nick Chitty
Match 3. Anthony Pope v Peter Emmerson   
Match 4. Chris Harding v Andy Exall
Match 5. Rocky Bullin v Oliver Florence
Match 6. Scott Lancley v Alan Norman     
Match 7. Cindy Kukielka v Richard Gottfried
Match 8. Chris Jones v Trevor Robertson

Match 9. Brad Shepherd v Tim Davies
Match 10. Sean Homer v Owen Johnson
Match 11. Marion Homer v Trevor Exall
Match 12. Richard Skeggs v Ruth Bullin
Match 13. Gareth Holmes v John McIver
Match 14. Jas Kukielka v Paul Johnson
Match 15. Stuart Lovejoy v Adam Kelly
Match 16. Tony Kelly v Martin Robertson

BMGA British Matchplay Championships Honours Board

2009 – Andy Exall, from Paddock Wood, defeated Newcastle’s John Moore 5&4 at the Hastings Seafront Crazy Golf course to lift the title

2008 –Tim ‘Ace Man’ Davies, from Hastings, defeated Andy Exall 5&4 at the Hastings Seafront Crazy Golf course to lift the title

The team at Splash Point Mini Golf have also put together a tournament guide, covering everything from practice information, the competition, a guide to Worthing for all the visiting competitors, and a unique "hole-by-hole" guide to the Splash Point Mini Golf course - a vital insight for any serious competitor. Full details can be found at



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