British Minigolf Association Matchplay Championships 2009



Andy Exall beat John Moore (5&4) 


Terry Exall beat Ted McIver at 4th extra hole


1) John Moore beat Ted McIver (Hastings crazy)
2) Terry Exall lost to Andy Exall (Hastings mini)

Round 3

Ted McIver beat Brad Shepherd (Margate)
Andy Exall beat Anthony Pope (Hastings mini)
John Moore beat Chris Harding (Hastings crazy)
Gareth Holmes lost to Terry Exall (Sandbanks)

Round 2

Anthony Pope beat Rocky Bullin (Brighton)
Andy Exall beat Matthew Harding - walkover
Trevor Robertson lost to Brad Shepherd (New Malden)
Chris Harding beat Chris Jones - walkover
Gareth Holmes beat Seve Kukielka (Boscombe Chine)
Peter Emmerson lost to Terry Exall (Hastings seafront)
Tim Davies lost to John Moore (Planet Hastings)
Richard Gottfried lost to Ted McIver (Hastings seafront)

Round 1

Cindy Kukielka vs Matthew Harding (3&2) April 22 Warwick
Chris Jones (1up) vs Kevin Botto
James Trubridge vs Peter Emmerson (3&1) May 10 Wroxham Barns
Elliott Ward vs Andy Exall (6&5) May 27 New Malden 
Anthony Pope (W/O) vs Matt Wood
Seve Kukielka (at 1st extra hole) vs Jas Kukielka March 27 Hastings Seafront crazy golf
Marc Chapman vs Rocky Bullin (2&1) April 25 Southend
Keith Kellard vs Terry Exall (2&1) April 25 Southend
Gareth Holmes (3&2) vs Ruth Bullin May 9 Wroxham Barns
Chris Harding (8&6) vs Alan Norman May 9 Wroxham Barns
Sean Homer vs Tim 'Ace Man' Davies (4&3) May 17 Strokes, Margate
Trevor Robertson (at 4th extra hole) vs Martin Robertson Feb 13 New Malden
John Moore (6&5) vs Den Exall March 27 Hastings Seafront crazy golf
Brad Shepherd (3&2) vs Marion Homer April 25 Southend
Phil Exall vs Richard Gottfried (3&1) April 25 Southend
Ted McIver (4&2) vs Leo Kukielka March 27 Hastings Seafront crazy golf

[Emboldened players won]

(W/O walk over)


Pictures from the 1st round clash between Phil Exall & Richard "The Squire" Gottfried

Pics: Gottfried

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