Nutters with Putters


Tim 'Ace Man' Davies & John 'Big Top Ted' McIver

 of Planet Hastings Crazy Golf Club


The Tiger Trap

Two of the finest touch putters spanning the last two millennia have joined forces to challenge Tiger Woods to a game of crazy golf.




Stars Ace Man & Big Top

Directed by Seumas Next

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Ace Man challenges Tiger Woods to a game of crazy golf 

Tim ĎAce Maní Davies (5 time World Crazy Golf Champion) declares crazy golf war on the best golfer in the World, Tiger Woods.   But can Tiger putt?  Ace Man has a weapon of mass destruction - his putter.  He reckons even the three-time British minigolf champion, John ĎBig Top Tedí McIver, could beat him. 

Yes, Ace Manís challenged him before but this time itís personal.  He doesnít like being ignored, we all know there can be only one and thatís the Ace. 

Everyone can join in.  Just buy yourself a Tiger Trap on ebay and jangle it near the great man.   Remind him, Ace Man is waiting!  Waiting in a bunker near you.

The gauntlet has been thrown down.  Well do ya? Pussy cat!

Anytime, any place, anywhere!!

No animals were harmed in the making of this DVD. 

John ĎBig Top Tedí McIver and Tim ĎAce Maní Davies are the two most successful British Miniature Golf Association players ever.  Theyíve racked up 57 tour titles between them. 

Crazy golf v Golf.  Who'd win a putting contest?